twelve Tips on Planning to Replace a Policy Administration Method

Many insurers released new Policy Supervision Systems (PAS) in the late 90’s, and typically the industry noise amount is indicating that that may be time for many to be able to upgrade. Replacing your own core Policy Management System (PAS) can be an frustrating undertaking. Preparing your current company to the overview and selection process involving a new method is an important very first step in taking care of the project efficiently. Ten ideas to consist of in the planning phase include:

1 . Secure executive help and involvement in the selection of a new project team. This is okay feeling you need the particular help of another expert to support the team in figuring out the seller short list, just don’t give up charge to select typically the best choice to be able to meet your needs.

two. Identify and assemble project affiliates that will include both material experts and ent erp rise users. The team needs to represent most products, states, scores and rules that will will be required. Don’t leave an experienced agent, actuary and even legal counsel consultant off of the team. Go overboard quietly of regarding more people compared to less.

3. Give an agenda before each meeting and ask one team member to transcribe records that will become distributed before the next meeting.

4. Assign responsibility to one group member to spearhead the creation of your comprehensive RFP file.

5. Ask more than one team members to be able to detail the present system technology and even capabilities and Determine needs (must have’s) and wants (wish list) in defining the system skills.

6. Prepare documents of product information for the supplier and Identify precisely how data migration will certainly be managed.

several. Establish early and often communication system departments and help functions in a great effort to reduce employee anxiety regarding change. Request that certain or more team members develop a connection and training plan will occur from start to start.

8. Define who else needs to get involved in customer acceptance testing in addition to when/how it may occur.

9. Discover and select only vendors who are able to demonstrate that they have efficiently completed at a minimum of three Policy Supervision System replacement implementations. The vendors selected to submit a Get for Proposal (RFP) should be questioned to undergo the RFP qualifying step to demonstrate product, price, and compliance expertise before even finishing an RFP.

twelve. Once you have narrowed the vendor field to those who will be asked in order to prepare an in depth RFP, clearly communicate typically the process and timeline. Welcome specific questions and input in the vendors throughout typically the RFP submission procedure.


Outsourcing typically the job of picking the vendor narrow your search to an “industry expert” should not replace the internal team’s involvement. Choosing a vendor that provides a track record for changing Policy Administration Devices is critical. You may want to pay for a vendor’s company learning curve — the risk is definitely simply too great. Be sure to drill down deep into the particular system functionality in addition to not just look at the surface. There is a huge difference in between “yes, we can fulfill that requirement” coming from “yes, we now have done met that requirement before and it’s within our product set”.

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